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Friday, November 3, 2017

Amazing More Ranch Wedding

This was the quintessential ranch wedding, and I fell in love with Ashley & Devin! Their 5 star review and card to me meant to the world to me afterwards too! An amazing wedding I will never forget! Ashley said... "We hadn’t even thought about an officiant until our wedding coordinator set up an appointment, nor did we know what we wanted or what we were looking for - and then we struck gold! Barbara was personalized and intimate, with the perfect touch of humor, candor, and advice! She was interested in us, our story, what we loved about one another, and wanted to customize a ceremony that would reflect that. Weddings in general are unquestionably a very personal endeavor, however, this is even more the case when it comes to ceremony itself. After meeting with Barbara a couple times to share stories, get her advice on everything from ceremony to vendors, and learning what to expect, we felt incredibly comfortable with her. This was in no doubt an advantage of her personality overall, and skillset as a marriage counselor and therapist as well. When it came to the ceremony itself, we simply let her guide us along. We were able to lose ourselves in the experience and simply enjoy the moment. Of course we loved the ceremony, but afterwards we were floored by how many people came up and applauded the officiant too - even days later people were raving about Barbara! When it comes to those special moments in a wedding that you’ll reflect on later in life, and that your attendees will too, you’ll want the right officiant to help create that. For that, you’ll want Barbara Mousouris!" Check out the amazing family ranch wedding! The food stations by Rincon Catering were delicious, and the bar was set up in a very cool old truck. EVERYTHING was so special!

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